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Can Hillary Be Trusted?

I have been a registered Democrat  for 40 plus years.  I am shocked by the choices on the Democratic ticket.  A socialist and a crook.

When introducing Hillary at a recent rally, Madeleine Albright said, ‘there is a special place in hell for women who don’t help one another.   I wish she would have spoke up a few years back when Sarah Palin was being crucified by the Press.

I can’t support Hillary just because she is a woman. Voting for or not voting for someone because she is a woman, is sexist.   What happened to considering a candidate based on his/her qualifications, experience, leadership ability and morals?   Is being a woman, really the most important criteria for being a President.  I think not.

We know Hillary has been a senator and Secretary of State.  Can you name any significant accomplishments?  I can’t either.

What happened on her watch as Secretary of State?  The Mideast literally turned chaotic and Isis mushroomed.  In the case of Benghazi,  her State Department did not attempt to rescue  U. S. Embassy staff while they were being attacked, resulting in 4 deaths.   I don’t think there has ever been such a blatant abandonment of Americans.  Has she got our backs?  No.

On top of that,  she emails her daughter within hours, that this was a terrorist attack but yet tells the American public that the attack was related to a video.   She repeats the same video story to the loved ones of the fallen embassy staff.  There is now proof that this was a lie and cover up.   Can you trust what Hillary says?   No.

Added 4-6-16:  A few days ago, Hillary makes the statement at a Town Hall meeting  “we didn’t loose a single person in Libya.”   Does she think we have forgotten or is it a sign of dementia?   Unbelievable.  

Secondly, Hillary set up a private server for government matters, storing this info on a  server, on her personal property.  Once again, she is playing dumb.    Come on folks, all staff receive training on these matters when they work for the government.  If she is not intelligent enough to realize how easily classified and top secret email can be hacked from a personal server,  she is not intelligent or wise enough to be President.  People are serving jail time for lesser offenses.  It’s called espionage!

The big question is, why would someone risk and even desire to handle important government communication on one’s personal server?  It has to do with wanting to hide communications and hide where the information is coming from and going to.  In other words, it appears she is doing something she isn’t suppose to and doesn’t want anyone to find out.  Having your own network allows you to destroy any of the communications that might hurt you.   It would be difficult to do that on the government’s server.  Fortunately, there are techniques to recover hard drives and servers that are wiped.  Can we trust Hillary?  No.

There are rumblings about Hillary requesting donations from foreign governments for the Clinton Foundation while she was Secretary of State. This is called a conflict of interest.  I wonder if she made promises or owes favors to foreign leaders?  Is that a good thing for America?  No.

Lastly,  do you really want Bill prowling the White House again while Hillary is busy being President?  Google his women problems stemming back to his Attorney General days in Arkansas.   We can’t trust either of them.

The Democratic nominees are a socialist and a crook.  Who in their right mind would vote for either?  If you’ve got a brain that works,  consider someone on the Republican side.  We can’t afford not to.

Being an educated voter is downright personal!   dr pers  © 2016

My posts about Bernie the socialist,  “why would any American vote for a socialist?”   See my other post, “Capitalism or Socialism“?

Capitalism or Socialism?

Why is there unhappiness with capitalism?  If it’s related to the scandal of Wall Street bailouts and big bank bailouts,  I understand the frustration.  The American taxpayers should not have to bail out businesses who were greedy and made bad decisions.  Most of us suffer the consequences for our bad decisions, why shouldn’t they?

If you want to know how the banking industry began, read the book,  “Creature of Jekyll Island.”  It is a thick book, but even if you read the first part and the last part, it is worth the price of the book.  I have never been so shocked at how few people/entities,  control the banks,  and the realization of how the banking system works. It has been four years since I read that book and it still boggles my mind.

While capitalism has it’s problems, is socialism the answer?  For those of you who consider yourselves middle class,  wealth distribution is not going to help you, but hurt you.  It is a myth of socialism that the majority are going to live as one large happy nation, sharing the wealth of the rich.   Socialism seems like a “just economy”, but unfortunately it doesn’t work.  It is even more disturbing that younger generations have been taught in school/college that socialism works.  Where in the world does socialism have a strong  economy?

Capitalism and competition is what encourages businesses to innovate, to give consumers more options.  Take away capitalism, and you have to take what is given by Big Brother.  Let the government provide one or two options for housing, healthcare, food and transportation, and you will be sickened by the reality of socialism.

Socialism does not give birth to companies like Facebook, Apple, Dell, and Microsoft.  We can hardly imagine our lives without the creative products of these companies.  Remember the monoply of AT & T?  This would have been the government option.  What’s happened since the break up of AT& T?  We have options like Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, Cricket and more.  The competitive players of Amazon and Netflix are forcing big cable companies to rethink their services.  Capitalism  and competition provide better options and lower pricing for the people.

Countries are healthier and stronger when they encourage entrepreneurship, new ideas and creativity.  America is unique in this regard and we are the envy of many nations. People come to this country expecting to follow their dream, to work hard and earn a better life for themselves.

Are the haters envious of  the American dream because they haven’t been successful, or made some bad decisions, or just don’t want to work that hard?   Granted, there have been obscene bonuses and injustice on Wall Street, but let’s not throw the baby out with the bathwater.  Capitalism is not our enemy,  it is a means for living free with options and a chance to improve your life.

Be careful of what you wish or vote for.  If we go down the socialism pathway,  it’s nearly impossible to go back.   In fact, it’s easy to slip into communism with the right person at the helm.  Socialism will not only cost you your freedoms,  it will rob you of your chance to rise up and better your life.

Living free with options is downright personal.

dr pers  ©2016

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Why on earth would you vote for a socialist?

Every person I’ve seen interviewed about why they are voting for Bernie Sanders,  responds, ” he is offering free stuff…college education & healthcare.”   When asked, “who is going to pay for that?”   There is a blank look and pause…. ” uhhmmm”…. and no answer.

If you or someone you know is planning to vote for Bernie, consider this.

Are you sure you understand what socialism is?  “Socialism is a concept that individuals should not have ownership of land, capital (money), or industry, but rather the whole community collectively owns and controls property, goods, and production.”  Are you sure you understand how that is going to effect your life and your family’s future?

If a country promises free college and healthcare,  how do they provide that?  Where do they get the funds to pay for it?  In socialism, there is usually very high income taxes of 50-75% from everyone, not just the rich.   Anyone who presently owns a home, will  eventually find the taxes so high that they will have to let the home go and it becomes government property.  The government may let you stay in the “free housing” as you are paying them 50-75% of your income.   If you think you are going to maintain your present lifestyle and receive “freebies,”  you are in for a most painful surprise.

Another point of reality.  A person from London was interviewed about the “free college” benefits of socialism.    He said,  “you take a test when you are 16, depending on your test score,  you may be one of the 6% that is selected to attend college.”  Not everybody gets free tuition.

Germany also rations access to higher education.  “In spite of not having to pay tuition,  fewer German youth finish college than American youth.  Germany also tends to accumulate “eternal” students.”  Now that’s a real plus

Historically, we have seen what happens when the government provides free housing.  The lesson is this:  if you own it or pay for it, you take care of it.  If it belongs to someone else, or it’s free, it often gets trashed.

In socialism:
(1)  everyone may have healthcare but there will be doctor shortages, long wait times for scheduled appointments and you take whatever doc is available.
(2)  n
o more moving closer to family unless the government approves.
(3)  no great variety of shops to buy from, the government now owns businesses.
Giving up your freedom of choice, as well  as 50-75%  of your income in taxes,  will be costly!

Where in the world do you see socialism successful?  Where is socialism lifting up people and helping them to thrive?  Why is it that people from around the world want to come here to follow their dreams?   Yes, capitalism is not perfect.  There are crooks in capitalism but there are also crooks in socialism too.  There will always be people living high on the money of others.

If you vote for a socialist,  I hope you understand that we won’t be keeping all the freedoms of capitalism and then simply adding some “free stuff”?   There are painful consequences to electing a socialist for President.

Vote with an educated mind and preserve our freedoms.  Your children and grandchildren will be grateful and I will too.

Informed voting is downright personal.

drp © 2016