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Capitalism or Socialism?

Why is there unhappiness with capitalism?  If it’s related to the scandal of Wall Street bailouts and big bank bailouts,  I understand the frustration.  The American taxpayers should not have to bail out businesses who were greedy and made bad decisions.  Most of us suffer the consequences for our bad decisions, why shouldn’t they?

If you want to know how the banking industry began, read the book,  “Creature of Jekyll Island.”  It is a thick book, but even if you read the first part and the last part, it is worth the price of the book.  I have never been so shocked at how few people/entities,  control the banks,  and the realization of how the banking system works. It has been four years since I read that book and it still boggles my mind.

While capitalism has it’s problems, is socialism the answer?  For those of you who consider yourselves middle class,  wealth distribution is not going to help you, but hurt you.  It is a myth of socialism that the majority are going to live as one large happy nation, sharing the wealth of the rich.   Socialism seems like a “just economy”, but unfortunately it doesn’t work.  It is even more disturbing that younger generations have been taught in school/college that socialism works.  Where in the world does socialism have a strong  economy?

Capitalism and competition is what encourages businesses to innovate, to give consumers more options.  Take away capitalism, and you have to take what is given by Big Brother.  Let the government provide one or two options for housing, healthcare, food and transportation, and you will be sickened by the reality of socialism.

Socialism does not give birth to companies like Facebook, Apple, Dell, and Microsoft.  We can hardly imagine our lives without the creative products of these companies.  Remember the monoply of AT & T?  This would have been the government option.  What’s happened since the break up of AT& T?  We have options like Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, Cricket and more.  The competitive players of Amazon and Netflix are forcing big cable companies to rethink their services.  Capitalism  and competition provide better options and lower pricing for the people.

Countries are healthier and stronger when they encourage entrepreneurship, new ideas and creativity.  America is unique in this regard and we are the envy of many nations. People come to this country expecting to follow their dream, to work hard and earn a better life for themselves.

Are the haters envious of  the American dream because they haven’t been successful, or made some bad decisions, or just don’t want to work that hard?   Granted, there have been obscene bonuses and injustice on Wall Street, but let’s not throw the baby out with the bathwater.  Capitalism is not our enemy,  it is a means for living free with options and a chance to improve your life.

Be careful of what you wish or vote for.  If we go down the socialism pathway,  it’s nearly impossible to go back.   In fact, it’s easy to slip into communism with the right person at the helm.  Socialism will not only cost you your freedoms,  it will rob you of your chance to rise up and better your life.

Living free with options is downright personal.

dr pers  ©2016

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