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Why on earth would you vote for a socialist?

Every person I’ve seen interviewed about why they are voting for Bernie Sanders,  responds, ” he is offering free stuff…college education & healthcare.”   When asked, “who is going to pay for that?”   There is a blank look and pause…. ” uhhmmm”…. and no answer.

If you or someone you know is planning to vote for Bernie, consider this.

Are you sure you understand what socialism is?  “Socialism is a concept that individuals should not have ownership of land, capital (money), or industry, but rather the whole community collectively owns and controls property, goods, and production.”  Are you sure you understand how that is going to effect your life and your family’s future?

If a country promises free college and healthcare,  how do they provide that?  Where do they get the funds to pay for it?  In socialism, there is usually very high income taxes of 50-75% from everyone, not just the rich.   Anyone who presently owns a home, will  eventually find the taxes so high that they will have to let the home go and it becomes government property.  The government may let you stay in the “free housing” as you are paying them 50-75% of your income.   If you think you are going to maintain your present lifestyle and receive “freebies,”  you are in for a most painful surprise.

Another point of reality.  A person from London was interviewed about the “free college” benefits of socialism.    He said,  “you take a test when you are 16, depending on your test score,  you may be one of the 6% that is selected to attend college.”  Not everybody gets free tuition.

Germany also rations access to higher education.  “In spite of not having to pay tuition,  fewer German youth finish college than American youth.  Germany also tends to accumulate “eternal” students.”  Now that’s a real plus

Historically, we have seen what happens when the government provides free housing.  The lesson is this:  if you own it or pay for it, you take care of it.  If it belongs to someone else, or it’s free, it often gets trashed.

In socialism:
(1)  everyone may have healthcare but there will be doctor shortages, long wait times for scheduled appointments and you take whatever doc is available.
(2)  n
o more moving closer to family unless the government approves.
(3)  no great variety of shops to buy from, the government now owns businesses.
Giving up your freedom of choice, as well  as 50-75%  of your income in taxes,  will be costly!

Where in the world do you see socialism successful?  Where is socialism lifting up people and helping them to thrive?  Why is it that people from around the world want to come here to follow their dreams?   Yes, capitalism is not perfect.  There are crooks in capitalism but there are also crooks in socialism too.  There will always be people living high on the money of others.

If you vote for a socialist,  I hope you understand that we won’t be keeping all the freedoms of capitalism and then simply adding some “free stuff”?   There are painful consequences to electing a socialist for President.

Vote with an educated mind and preserve our freedoms.  Your children and grandchildren will be grateful and I will too.

Informed voting is downright personal.

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Racism or Difference of Opinion?

The accusations of the past 8 years that white people are racist when they disagree with President Obama’s policies and actions, have reached a level of absurdity.

Many were shocked when an overwhelming majority of white people voted to put Obama in office.  Were they racist to vote for him?  Why didn’t people yell racism when so many non-blacks voted for him?

Was it racist when some voted for him simply because he was black and thought it was time for a black man to be President?  Yes.  Racism is a belief that a particular race is superior or inferior to another. Those who voted to simply put a black man in office were saying that his race was superior to others and therefore a black man deserved to be President. It was not racist if one voted because he was the most experienced candidate for being President.

Is it racist when non-black people are critical of Obama’s failed health care program, that was to give us more options, choose our own doctor and cost less?  No.  The criticism is based on poor planing, lack of leadership and dishonesty.  These are typical issues in a job evaluation, white or black.  It is not racism.

Is it racist to criticize Obama and his staff for abandoning Americans in Bengazi and then lie to the American public about who did it and why?  No.  This criticism is again reflective of dishonesty and lack of leadership, white or black.  It is not racism.

Is it racist to disagree with Obama’s gun control goal?   No.  In a majority of recent gun violence cases, the shooters are often mentally ill or out to kill Americans because of Islamic extremism.  Obama seems to be focusing on taking away guns rather the underlying issues of mental illness, Islamic extremism and the effects of violent video games.  One has to wonder about his ulterior motives.  Guns are not the problem.

Is it racist to ignore the large number of black on black shootings and only report on or protest the few white on black shootings?  Yes.  If people are sincerely concerned about the importance of black lives,  why aren’t they raising hell, doing something effective in those neighborhoods and cities where there is a high incidence of blacks killing blacks?

According to FBI data, 4,906 black people murdered other blacks in 2010 and 2011. That is 1,460 more black Americans killed by other blacks in two years than were lynched from 1882 to 1968, according to the Tuskegee Institute.

Is it racist for non-blacks to disagree with Obama and his policies? Absolutely not.

Is it racist when black people criticize  Obama, George Bush or Clinton? No.  It is not racist when anyone disagrees with another’s actions, poor decisions, failed policies, poor judgement,  poor job performance!

In America, we enjoy freedom of speech and the right to disagree regardless of skin color.

Those who falsely cry racism over matters of disagreement, are trying to shut down those who disagree with them.  Think about regimes around the world and what they have done when they don’t want disagreement or criticism of their administration.  They try to intimidate, squash and eliminate those who believe and think differently.

Americans are now being intimidated because no one wants to be called a racist.   The intent is to make non-black people who may disagree with Black Lives Matter’s agenda, or Obama’s policies,  to shut up!

Study some of history’s lessons and you will see where we are headed.

This issue becomes downright personal.

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