Some things I learned from my dad…

1. Daughters are important too.

2. Daughters can do anything.

3. A daughter can operate logging equipment.

4. A daughter can play sports.

5. A daughter can ride a motorcycle.

6. A daughter can drive a snowmobile.

7. A daughter can mow lawn.

8. A daughter can change oil in a car.

9. A daughter can operate a boat and motor.

10. A daughter can help her father in the shop.

11. Its important to go to church.

12. Its important to be involved in your community and make a difference.

13. How to be funny.

14. How to be tolerant of your spouse’s quirks.

15. How to have fun.

16. How to enjoy life.

17. How to show love to your family.

18. How to acquire the respect of your family and friends.

What did your dad teach you?

4 thoughts on “Some things I learned from my dad…

  1. Kerri

    Wow, your dad was some teacher!
    My dad taught me that little girls can wear cowgirl outfits on the day of their first communion….and that it’s ok to have just a little candy before dinner, as long as it’s down the hallway where mother can’t see.


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