Ten reasons to break up…

1. Physical abuse

2. Emotional abuse

3. Sexual abuse

4. Addiction problems, maybe

5. Partner commits a serious crime

6. Unfaithfulness, maybe.

7. One partner has no desire or makes no effort to improve a dysfunctional relationship.

8. Dishonesty, maybe

9. No trust

10. Control freak

However, the most common reason people divorce/break up has to do with money. Does your partner or spouse have different ideas, priorities on how your money should be spent? You can bet your silver dollar that this will be a great source of conflict in your relationship. One of you may feel that having a new LCD HD TV in the living room is more important that putting gutters on the house. (This was a discussion in our house, but we agreed that the TV can wait!)

There are a lot of variables on the above issues, did you think of some that I missed?

dr pers ©2007

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3 thoughts on “Ten reasons to break up…

  1. Kerry

    dr pers, those are definitely some serious reasons to consider breaking up with a partner. I noticed that love is not mentioned at all so I’d like to throw my two cents in if I may.

    Love sure is a funny thing isn’t it. Well, I suppose it’s more of a curious thing than a funny thing although keep all the funny love you can!

    I’ve worked with numerous individuals over the last 18 years who seem to put up with a lot of abuse or dysfunction because they truly love their partner. They may believe that they will not find love again and that their committment to “forever” with this person is greater than the emotional or physical pain. They often minimize theirs, or their children’s healthy needs, or minimize the hurtful behaviours of their partner, convincing themselves that it’s not so bad.

    Leaving someone you love, because you feel unhealthy being with them, is no easy task. However it could prove to be extremely better for you in the long run. It really is ok for a person to take care of themselves, especially if they are feeling emotionally or physically unhealthy in the relationship. Sometimes we also contribute to the unhealthiness. If we take break, seek help and make changes, it is likely we will have something to offer a healthy relationship again.

    Breaking up may not feel good now, but if you evaluate and decide what you’ll do differently next time, it will feel better in the long run! You’re worth it! Kerry

  2. downrightpersonal Post author

    Yes, sex is a biggie and the cause of a lot of conflict too. Why do you think so?

    I am not sure that “not feeling in love” is a reason to break up..that is why it wasn’t included. I will make a separate post on this issue to explain my reason. Anyone else want to jump in?


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