happy anniversary honey!

Today is our 6th anniversary. Prior to 2001, I knew “marriage” was hard work, but not this hard!

My partner loves to garden… but should not dig holes. Guess who gets to dig holes in rock hard clay? I guess you could say I’m becoming the gardener’s assistant.

My partner loves to sleep with the ceiling fan on its highest setting. She would prefer 66-68 degrees temperature and I am a 72-74 temperature woman. We’ve resolved that by putting a “single” heating blanket on my side of the bed. How I love getting into toasty sheets rather than trying to get to sleep with freezing feet.

When we moved to our present location, my Mexican palate consisted of tacos. My partner loves Tex-Mex and there are three Mexican restaurants to every non Mexican one. I have learned to eat refried beans, quesadillas, Mexican rice, avocados, sopapillas, not a awesome accomplishment, but I’m making progress. Where are we eating tonight? Mexican, of course!

I love to decorate with deer horns. Yes..I came from the North Country, and a woman likes her deer horns! My partner has adjusted and I have my collection lining the walls of our living room. (Let me assure you, its very tastefully done!)

I had a teenager when we joined lives. She had no children. It was quite an adjustment for her. Watching my 23 yr old cry on her shoulder after he was married, was very touching. She has stepped up to the plate and made him feel loved.

Marriage is hard work, but there’s also easy times. I guess its like pedaling a bike up a hill, tough as nails. When reaching the top however, what a joy to coast downhill, what exhilaration and delight! Coasting and uphill pedaling…. it’s hard work at times, but the rewards are worth it. Happy anniversary honey!    dr pers ©2007

See:  Ten reasons to marry or partner:  https://downrightpersonal.wordpress.com/2007/04/23/ten-reasons-to-marry-or-partner/

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