Another ADD kid on medication…

Another ADD kid on medication…

While my son had his sweet times and I love him dearly, he was a difficult child to raise. There was never a dull moment and it seemed like he was constantly testing me to my limits. At one point, I was so utterly frustrated and helpless with him, I considered contacting social services. It was devastating to find myself in this situation and I did not think I could handle him anymore.

I grew up in a home where spanking was effective. I only remember one spanking, and it was the last. Many of us repeat what is familiar and I began spanking as a form of discipline too. I was aware of the stories where spanking turned into beatings, so I had the limit of three whacks. Surprisingly, these did not phase my son at age 4, 5 or 6. He would laugh and say, “it didn’t hurt..” I can’t tell you the wild thoughts that ran thru my mind when I heard those words. I will tell you, he is lucky to be alive!!!

Amazingly, this low point, pushed me to having him evaluated. A neurologist had me read books about Attention Deficit Disorder and we evaluated his patterns and behavior. At age 6, this doctor decided to put him on medication and I worked on becoming more structured and consistent in my parenting skills. Life at home and at school began to improve.

I am thankful to this day that he was diagnosed early and didn’t fall behind in school. He always had trouble with math, but loved to read about military history.

He took meds till about age 15. At that age, it was difficult to tell if the meds were providing any benefit. When one of his teachers told me that BJ doesn’t seem to have that usual sparkle in his eyes, I decided this was the time to stop. School never came easy for him but he managed to accomplish enough to graduate from high school. He now tells me that he didn’t apply himself and wishes he would have put forth more effort. Sound familiar?

With 30-50 per cent of young black men not graduating from high school, I am proud of his accomplishment.

Today, he is a Sgt in the U.S. Marine Corps and putting forth his best.  dr pers ©2007

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2 thoughts on “Another ADD kid on medication…

  1. cturpen

    Good for you. So many people are afraid of medicating. And I agree, it can be grossly overused. But I’m the daughter of a special-ed teacher…my Mom fought hard to get the right kids medicated and sometimes it can make a world of difference. I know firsthand, too!

  2. Brian

    Your honesty about disciplining your son is quite refreshing. I know that medication isn’t always a parent’s preferred method, but it does seem to work in many cases.


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