Can I afford to adopt?

The financial cost is a major issue for being able to adopt. Domestic adoptions usually cost less than private and international.

When my home study was completed, my paper done, I thought I would have a year of waiting before a baby arrived. I had several costly expenditures planned, one of which was a new roof for my house and a Hawaiian vacation. I wanted to have these financial expenses out of the way and paid for, before making the final adoption fee.

Two months after completing all the paper work, and a few weeks after arriving home from my Hawaiian vacation, I received a phone call from my social worker. Sherry said, “I have a healthy baby boy recently born, do you want him?” I was shocked! I thought I had a year to save up money and prepare!

Prior to this, in my research about adopting, I visited a family of 10! They had adopted 6 children. I visited with this mom and dad about a number of issues and must have expressed at some point that I was unsure of having enough money. The father of 8 said, “if you wait until you think you’ve saved enough money, you’ll never do it. Somehow, it will all work out.”

I remembered this father’s advice and tried not to worry about having enough money on hand. I did have to scrimp and save to pay for the new roof later, but it worked out.

You will need to have a major portion of the adoption fees saved up, usually paid in several payments prior to receiving the child.  Somehow, it will all work out!   dr pers ©2007

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1 thought on “Can I afford to adopt?

  1. cturpen

    Another thing I’ve wondered. If it’s like $25,000 how are people all over the place affording it? You’re right. It just works out. 🙂


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