That’s my boy (being thankful for the little things!)

When everyone else was standing up and cheering because their son hit a home run or just shot a three pointer, I think it was quite an accomplishment for a 15 year old to be able to walk gracefully in a shoe size that was almost as big as he was old!

If you see a tall, dark, handsome young man with a smile that causes hearts to skip a beat, that’s my boy! He wore his cap backwards which I kind of liked because I could see his face better. He’s got a great face and he should be proud of it!

My boy is the one with the few manly, scruffy hairs on his chin that he calls a beard. He wore those wide legged jeans with the crotch hanging down to his knees. I am proud that his pants have never dropped, or at least I have never witnessed it. And if they have, I don’t want to know about it. When one wears such low hanging pants, you’ve got to have cool boxers. My boy is the one with the trendy underwear!

My son is the one who would have a plateful of chicken, rice and green beans for supper. Half an hour later he was fixing two hotdogs. An hour after that…. a ham sandwich. Through all of this, 2 quarts of juice have disappeared. And then he has the nerve to complain that we never had any food in the house! Yep… that’s my boy!

Just as I was about to leave work one day, he called to remind me to pick up some food for supper. I agreed to do so and hung up. Before I could get out of the office, the phone rang and it was him again. He said, “did you hear what I said?” I replied, “yes, I will bring home some food.” He said, “I meant the other thing. “ And I said, “what other thing?” “You hung up when I was telling you that I loved you.” I stopped dead in my tracks.  “Yes ,“ he said… “ I called back to tell you I love you.”

That’s my boy… on his way to becoming a man!

(Dedicated today to my son on his  23rd birthday… while he serves his country in a second deployment to Iraq.)   ©2007   dr pers


4 thoughts on “That’s my boy (being thankful for the little things!)

  1. Brian

    What an absolutely beautiful post. You never fail to amaze me with your writing.

    “Happy Birthday” to your son and I’ll be thinking of him as he serves his country so nobly.


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