As my partner says, “almost perfect!”

My partner keeps saying that I’m almost perfect. Imagine! I am beginning to wonder if she’s being sarcastic or does she really mean what she says? (Slowly looking at her out of the corner of my eye.)

When I suggest that she might want to wear something warmer than shorts, sandals and a tank top, she quickly reminds me that she is not a child. However, when she is shivering from the cold and I have to lend her my extra sweatshirt, she says, “how do you know so much, you’re right again!  Almost perfect.”

When we have a little debate about what time we are suppose to be somewhere and she looks it up on her calendar, I am right again. “Almost perfect, ” she says in her sweet Texas voice.  (I’ve learned to hang my head and humbly reply, “it just comes naturally.”)

When we have a little discussion about how much it will cost to replace something, she figures in 1999 prices, I figure in 2007 prices. I hate to say it, right again! “Almost perfect.” (Aw shucks, hanging my head and kicking the dirt.)

Seriously friends, it’s difficult being right most of the time. I don’t purposely try to be “almost perfect”, it just runs in the family!  Sometimes I can’t stand the pressure and make mistakes on purpose. I kind of pretend I don’t remember where something is… just so that she knows I’m “almost” and NOT perfect!     dr pers ©2007


2 thoughts on “As my partner says, “almost perfect!”

  1. cturpen

    I have NO idea what you’re talking about, this state of almost-perfection, as it is me who is typically searching frantically for keys, wallet, purse, cell phone, dog leash, etc. etc. etc, and my husband who is loaning me his sweatshirt. DOH. 🙂 But the first thing I would do if I was almost-perfect would be to…hang on, I have to find my keys.


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