The daughter-in-law from hell…

daughter-in-law from hell…

With one shoe on and one shoe off, my partner was walking back and forth between her walk in closet and the bedroom, fussing about something. Finally in exasperation she said, “I have been looking for my missing sock and finally discovered it’s already on my foot!” I am sure that she must have thought that I took it, fed it to the dryer or to the creature under the bed! Imagine how many things I get blamed for… that aren’t my fault! She hadn’t quite blamed me yet, but I suspect she was close to thinking it!

Her mother blames me for all the hypocrisy of Christianity and the Church for the past 60 years. Something happened in her family when she was young, a policy or decision made by a priest, that caused a lot of bitterness in my “mother in law.” Granted, whatever happened, it likely was unjust. Because I am protestant clergy, she thinks I am responsible for some decision or action made by a Roman Catholic priest 60 years ago! All those pastors and priests are alike, right!?

Unfortunately, her mother isn’t interested in getting to know me as a person. She does not ask questions about what I do, what I am interested in, nothing about my son, etc. She knows that I pastored churches for 15 years… so that puts me into the category of despised, despicable, the daughter-in-law from hell! Oh well, life could be worse… hopefully she doesn’t have to live with us someday! lol  dr pers   ©2007

3 thoughts on “The daughter-in-law from hell…

  1. Brian

    Oh, well, if she does ever have to live with you that may give her the opportunity to get to know you as a person and not a “bad guy”. 🙂

  2. cturpen

    When my mom was telling me about a bunch of our family (some of whom had divorced each other) thinking seriously about buying a GINORMOUS house and living together in a jacked up, dysfunctional commune, I quickly told her I would never agree to such living arrangements with her, and my decision was based out of pure love. Yes, there’s a reason we have the entire state of Kansas between us. Some of the best advice I ever got when I was bickering frequently with her: try peeing on my door to settle any territory wars. Have you tried that with your MIL? 🙂

  3. downrightpersonal Post author

    (Writing that down in my list of ideas.) We have come to the realization that the best way to get along with her is “keep our distance.” (Even tho we live 2 miles from her.) I don’t lose sleep over it anywmore. lol


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