Rejected for being heterosexual…

An old friend is one of the most moral, ethical people I have known. Her main fault is that she is Canadian (laughing to myself)!  She is a life skills counselor, does group therapy for federal parolees, counsels drop ins, and arranges housing for newly released prisoners. Day in and day out she deals with chemical addiction, child neglect, spouse abuse, and helping people sort out their options.

No matter how filthy and disgusting a client may be, she treats them with respect and dignity. “After all” she says, “they are human beings like everyone else.”  My friend has a true desire to help people make changes and cope with life.

She is a single parent to a kind, sensitive, young man.  He is the kind of guy you’d like your daughter to date. (Please don’t ask for his phone number.  lol)

Through many phone calls and email, I tried to support my friend thru the illness and death of her brother. He was ill for at least two years and was in much pain the last three months of his life. My friend would work a stressful day and then spend several hours at the hospital with her brother. When others in the family could not stand to visit him and see him in such pain, she would go to comfort and hold him.

Not only is she talented, but a compassionate, ethical human being. Yet, there are some who would reject her because of one tiny factor…. she is heterosexual!  Imagine…. not seeing the beautiful person that she is because of her sexual orientation!  If I were just fibbing and she’s lesbian, would it make any difference?     ©2007  dr pers


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