Where are the good lesbian movies?

Most women appreciate a good love story, especially lesbians.  Unfortunately, the few movies I’ve seen that portray lesbian relationships were dull and simply laughable.   An interesting plot or story line was difficult to find.  The L Word series has been the closest to good entertainment in a long time.

This past Friday, luck was on my side.   Even in the midst of Baptist country,  at my local Blockbusters,  I stumbled upon three movies that had steamy potential.

My partner and I decided after viewing, these three movies were ones that we could actually recommend to our friends!  “The Journey”, is a discovery of love between two young women from India.   It reflects the agony and pressures of conforming to the expectations of one’s culture and family.  The scenery is beautiful too.

“Producing Adults” begins with two women, each involved with men, in unhappy relationships.  Because of various circumstances and working together, they find themselves developing a friendship which eventually leads to love.

Lastly, “Loving Annabelle,” is a story of forbidden love between a student and her teacher.  While the ethics of this relationship is disturbing, I surprisingly found myself longing for them to act on their feelings.   Thank goodness it was only a movie!

“The Journey” and “Producing Adults” are in english subtitles… if that makes any difference.   We also found them to be more sensual than most we’ve seen.   Let me know if you agree or disagree.   Happy viewing!     dr pers

5 thoughts on “Where are the good lesbian movies?

  1. pyrogyne

    I saw one recently with Piper Perabo, called “Imagine Me and You,” about a woman who meets the girl of her dreams at her wedding. It sticks to fairly conventional romantic-comedy tropes, and the end is pretty predictable, but it was nice to see a lesbian romantic comedy at all. Unfortunately, not much steam to this one.

  2. downrightpersonal Post author

    Thanks for the suggestion.. I will look for it for our next movie night. Comedy sounds good!
    We saw a preview of “The Gymnast” and that looks interesting too. Thanks for reading… stop by again. dr pers

  3. Brian

    I can also recommend “Imagine Me & You”, as I found it completely enjoyable.

    “Bound” is uber-sensual.

    We watched a disturbing film recently entitled “Notes On A Scandal”, where Judi Dench becomes interested in one of her younger coworkers (played by Cate Blanchett). Although the relationship doesn’t go as Judi wishes, it was very interesting to see her play the role.

    FYI, you can now search movies on IMDB by keywords. Here’s the link for movies that have the keyword “lesbian”.


  4. downrightpersonal Post author

    …taking notes on recommended movies… should help me for another weekend or two! dr pers


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