Downright personal is responsible for declining family values…

Thats right… I am taking responsibility for the decline of family values….someone has to!

1. I am clergy in a mainline denomination.
2. I adopted a son.
3. I am partnered with a woman for 6 years.
4. I am a loving daughter and sister.
5. I am lesbian.

I have been faithful to my partner, son, parents and sisters.
Somehow, according to many politicians and religious groups, giving my partner and I equal rights will lead to the decline of marriage and family values. (I always get lost in following this logic).

It just kills me when I hear someone like Newt Gingrich state that a constitutional amendment is needed to protect marriage and the traditional family from someone like me.  Marriage needs to be defended and protected from lesbians like me?
Oh plllllllease!

The decline of the institution of marriage is the result of hetereosexual behavior and attitudes. Newt admitted this month to yet another affair. He is a prime example of the behavior that erodes the institution of marriage.  Yet, he and his kind have the nerve to suggest that my faithful relationship  erodes family values?  Newt is doing enough damage all by himself!!!

Lesbians don’t cause heterosexuals to cheat on their spouses.
Lesbians don’t cause heterosexuals to neglect their children.
Lesbians don’t cause heterosexuals to marry or divorce.

Yes, its so obvious I’m responsible for the decline of marriage and family values!

©2007  dr pers

5 thoughts on “Downright personal is responsible for declining family values…

  1. downrightpersonal Post author

    Wellllll…. if you want to take some of the blame… be my guest! Maybe if we share the load it will be a little lighter! I appreciate hearing about another family like mine.
    Congrats! dr pers

  2. cturpen

    I love that the politicians are so worried about the “institution” of marriage, as if it’s any of their business to begin with. And then we have serial marriages the likes of Britney Spears, Pamela Anderson, etc. Cheers to the “institution!” Bah!

  3. downrightpersonal Post author

    My thoughts exactly!! Gays don’t even have the right to marry yet…. so how did the “institution of marriage” get to its all time low?

  4. thought4food

    I swear all this crap is like tossing a handful of sand in someone’s eyes to keep them from seeing the cannon that is about to blow their head off.
    I’m a heterosexual woman, faithfully married to the same man for 14 years. Yet I can’t imagine how any of these jughead politicians think it’s their business what goes on in ANY of our bedrooms!
    I guess the best defense is a good offense, right? And who’s more offensive than politicians? lol
    Thanks for the comment on my blog.


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