A parenting expert till I had one of my own…

No one should be able to offer parenting expertise until s/he has at least one of his/her own!

My son was the sweetest child until he was 2 years old.  He never recovered from the terrible twos until the Marines got a hold of him!  While that is a bit of an exaggeration, he is now back to his  sweet old self.

From the time that he was adopted, he was  my little bundle of  joy.   He was a little bundle of energy, a little bundle of mischief,  a little bundle of “what can I get into next?”  But such a wonderful sweet child!

There were two periods in my life prior to 2002, before 1984 and after 1984. Before 1984, I was an expert on parenting and could easily tell you how other parents should be raising their children. After 1984, I wasn’t sure what other parents should be doing because I discovered it wasn’t as easy as I assumed.

Before 1984,  I spent a lot of time working in ministry, a little time working household. After 1984, I worked 40 hours in ministry,  parented  40 hours, and spent 40 hours doing household related stuff. I use to wonder about all the time I wasted before 1984!

In his junior and senior years, things were easier.  My little bundle of joy became a big bundle of joy and he could do some things for himself. He could cook his own meals, but couldn’t find the dishwasher. He could trim and shave his facial hair but forget to clean the sink afterwards. He could get himself up and off to school but not remember to take his key.  I am sure the neighbors wondered about this guy that spent so much time sitting on the front step! (I locked the door when I went to work.)

Everyone learns sooner orlater… and so did my big bundle of joy. After hs graduation, he went off to join the Marines.  He quickly learned all the things he was having trouble remembering at home!

Presently in his second deployment to Iraq, we surround our big bundle of joy with our prayers and strength.

© 2007 dr pers

2 thoughts on “A parenting expert till I had one of my own…

  1. cturpen

    I have no kids and try very hard to remember that when I’m “judging.” I’ll admit that I get careless sometimes. Now I have a dog, which may be somewhat similar to raising a kid but regardless, is as close as I’ll ever get. The days he drives me batty (he is seven months old–an “adolescent” for dog life!) are the days I want to call my mom and profusely apologize.

  2. downrightpersonal Post author

    Amazing isn’t it, how appreciative we become of a parent when we have resonsibility for “someone” else? lol


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