Unbelievably, I went to a lesbian chat room…

I expected God to bolt me with lightning when I entered a lesbian chat room!

When my hearing loss began to interfer with my pastoral duties, I moved to an administrative position that required less group communication. The move from a pastoral position began to loosen buried thoughts and emotions.  I began to give myself permission to explore what I had long suspected and suppressed for years.

A big question in my mind was, are there other gay people, other lesbians like me?  The stereotypes portrayed in the media were embarassing. The media often shows gays when they are dressed to the extreme for parades and portrays us as undesirable psychos.  I wanted to know if there were other ordinary-looking professional lesbians who valued monogamy, long term relationships, children, God and community?

As I searched the internet, I eventually ended up at a popular chat site.  It was here that I got to know some wonderful, mature women who had simular values and were also looking for lesbian friendships. For several years I chatted with this group.  Along the way, I became more and more comfortable with who I am and self acceptance.

Yes, there are ordinary, stable, moral, professional lesbians out there with similar values!     dr pers  © 2007

2 thoughts on “Unbelievably, I went to a lesbian chat room…

  1. Sensei Rainbow

    You’re right! There are lots of us “ordinary, stable, moral, professional lesbians” out! 🙂

    Nice post. Look forward to reading more.


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