Children quickly identify a parent’s vulnerability…

Children choose our most vulnerable times to act up.  Parishioners would call me (their pastor) in the evening at home because they didn’t want to disturb me at the office during the day!   Whenever the phone rang, my young son would run for the refrigerator, open the door and proceed to climb the shelves.  I expected jars of condiments, bowls of food and beverages, to come crashing to the floor at any minute.  Yes, I maintained my understanding tone of voice with the parishioner while my eyes blazed flames of fire at my son (this was in the days before mobile phones and answering machines were widely used).

Another time, I returned from a study trip to Mexico and hadn’t seen my five year old son in two weeks.  We had been home for maybe an hour and the phone rang.  While I stepped into the office, this sweet child set off a large fire exstinguisher that blew its contents over the entire first level… office, bathroom, bedroom, dining room, living room and kitchen. It was an absolute mess.

My son quickly learned that when mom was on the phone, she was vulnerable and he could get away with murder!  dr pers  ©  2007

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